Bob Warren Relays
Acalanes High School
Lafayette CA
Friday, April 27, 2018


Distance Splits Squads while Sprinters Team up for Relay Wins at Bob Warren

In the distance relay events at Friday's Bob Warren meet hosted by Acalanes, the Cougars split their talent for a bit of intra squad competition as the harriers enjoyed one last tune up before the post season. Both the 4x1600m and 4x800m events offered up back-and-forth battles between "A" and "B" squads.

The varsity girls' 4x1600m relay came down to the wire as Bianca Pierrat (20) held off a charging Mia Travis (20) for the win. A mid-race lineup switch in the varsity boys' 4x800m resulted in another nail biter after Edward Buckley (19) pulled the "B" squad back into contention. Alex Ganten (19) fought off a strong challenge from Casey Chambers (18) on the final leg as the teams crossed the finish line separated by just 1 second.

The youngsters continued to shine in the sprint relays as the the frosh soph boys' set season bests in the 4x100m and 4x400m. The short relay was highlighted by a gutsy move in the 3rd exchange by Joel Kofman (20). The sophomore dove head-first in order to make a legal pass.

With PR splits across the board, the frosh soph boys' 4x400m relay surged away from the field to win in 3:40.03. Finlay Penney (21) put the squad in the lead with a fine opening split of 54.8 while Alex Metz (20) closed out the victory with another sub-53 second anchor leg.

The girls' frosh soph relays were equally dominant, scoring a win in the infrequently contested 4x200m race. Brooke Stafford (21) led the way with an opening split just under 28 seconds. The squad returned to the track shortly thereafter to claim 2nd place in the 4x400m event.

The day began in the field however, with Krish Visht (18) arriving early to win the varsity boys' pole vault with a 13 foot effort. Ashley Thoms (18) picked up a pair of season bests, finishing 2nd in the triple jump and 3rd in the long jump. Arine Kim (20) earned a runner-up position in the discus and frosh soph teammate Lily Matranga (20) finished 2nd in the shot put.

Lucas Moore (19) took home the red ribbon in the varsity boys' discus with a toss of 126 feet. Meanwhile, Mason Januszewski (20) improved his discus mark while John Alago (18) and Eric Fossen (19) made progress in shot put.

The biggest improvements were made by the 100m hurdle crew with Fiona Quimby (18) lowering her time to 18.07 and Anastazia Lopez (21) nearly cracking the 20 second mark. Declan Bhagwat (20) and Chongwoo Chang (21) also set new personal bests in the 110m event.


6400 Relay Emma Smith 6:03.9-Jessica Rosiak 6:22.8-Sarah Naughten 6:17.1-Katie Strohmeyer 6:49.7=25:33.48, 100 Hurdles Anastazia Lopez 20.02, Tracy Si 21.93, 3200 Relay Emma Smith 2:47.3-Jessica Rosiak 2:52.6-Sarah Naughten 2:54.5-Katie Strohmeyer 3:08.0=11:42.50, 400 Relay Arlee Farrell-Brooke Stafford-Kate Brown-Arine Kim=DQ, 100 Arlee Farrell 14.26, Kate Brown 14.72, 800 Relay Brooke Stafford 27.9-Arlee Farrell 28.90-Helen Kaidantzis 28.7-Kate Brown 30.2=1:56.98, Ally Lee 31.1-Anaztazia Lopez 30.8-Traci Si 32.0-Jessica Rosiak 31.7=2:05.45, 1600 Relay Brooke Stafford 66.4-Arlee Farrell 66.6-Helen Kaidantzis 68.7-Kate Brown 72.1=4:34.22, Ally Lee 71.0-Anastazia Lopez 72.7-Tracy Si 72.6-Emma Smith 71.2=4:47.42, LJ Ally Lee 11-2.75, TJ Brooke Stafford 29-5.25, PV Arine Kim 7-6, Anastazia Lopez 7-0, SP Lily Matranga 27-0, Arine Kim 25-7.5, DT Arine Kim 70-8


6400 Relay Dylan Gunn 4:37.7-Dylan Cronin 4:54.7-Owen Hunger 5:54.0-Pablo Nguyen 4:50.7=19:15.80, Evan Yabu 5:17.9-Easton Means 5:01.4-Vishal Lashkari 5:20.1-Alan Pierrat 5:11.1=20:49.40, Arik Nashan 5:27.1-Alec Driver 5:37.9-Alex Clare 5:39.5-Andres Artale 6:13.6=22:55.89, 110 Hurdles Declan Bhagwat 20.55, Chongwoo Chang 22.21, 400 Relay Finlay Penney-Alex Metz-Joel Kofman-Bryan Graves=46.65, 3200 Relay Owen Hunger 2:19.2-Pablo Nguyen 2:09.8-Easton Means 2:22.6-Arik Nashan 2:28.4=9:20.02, Dylan Cronin 2:16.2-Dylan Gunn 2:14.8-Vishal Lashkari 2:28.7-Evan Yabu 2:28.3=9:29.08, Taj Donthineni 2:41.7-Alec Driver 2:40.5-Alex Clare 2:34.9-Andres Artale 2:54.8=10:52.02, 100 Alex Metz 11.57, Bryan Graves 12.54, 3000m Milos Jankovic DNF, 800 Relay Juan-Pablo Garcia 26.0-Declan Bhagwat 26.9-Chongwoo Chang 27.7-Taj Donthineni 27.3=1:47.96, 1600 Relay Finlay Penney 54.8-Pablo Nguyen 55.3-Juan-Pablo Garcia 56.7-Alex Metz 52.9=3:40.03, Bryan Graves 64.7-Chongwoo Chang 64.7-Taj Donthineni 69.2-Mason Januszewski 67.0=4:25.46, LJ Alex Metz 17-4, Juan-Pablo Garcia 15-6, Bryan Graves 14-6, TJ Chongwoo Chang 33-11, Declan Bhagwat 32-6.5, Finlay Penney 30-0.25, PV Finlay Penney 7-6, Juan-Pablo Garcia 7-6, Alec Driver 7-0, SP Matai Bell 39-2.5, Mason Januszewski 34-7, Carter Hiett 30-3, Kyle Moe 12-11.5, DT Matai Bell 94-10, Mason Januszewski 83-2, Carter Hiett 75-7, Kyle Moe 38-10


1600 Relay Alicia Hober 5:19.4-Jessie Foxworthy 5:28.8-Ellie Guthrie 5:36.8-Bianca Pierrat 5:57.8=22:23.19, Paloma Hancock 5:19.6-Emma Overell 5:22.4-Adithi Subramaniam 5:49.9-Mia Travis 5:53.9=22:25.73, 100 Hurdles Fiona Quimby 18.07, Natalie Arnswald 18.19, 400 Relay Fiona Quimby-Maddy Doane-Ashley Thoms-Natalie Arnswald=52.70, 3200 Relay Jenna Miles 2:29.0-Jessie Foxworthy 2:30.4-Isabella Chao 2:25.7-Ellie Guthrie 2:34.9=10:00.07, Emma Overell 2:32.8-Paloma Hancock 2:34.6-Alicia Hober 2:36.8-Adithi Subramaniam 2:40.5=10:25.32, Mia Travis 2:44.7-Bianca Pierrat 2:48.5-Mina Boozarpour 3:02.6-Elena Koshkin 3:10.5=11:46.25, 100 Maddy Doane 12.91, Grace McGuire 14.19, Aerielle Szeto 14.60, 800 Relay Ashley Thoms 28.7-Maddy Doane 25.9-Grace McGuire 28.9-Aerielle Szeto 29.7=1:53.40, 1600 Relay Fiona Quimby 63.5-Natalie Arnswald 66.7-Maddy Doane 58.7-Grace McGuire 67.4=4:16.58, LJ Ashley Thoms 15-4, Aerielle Szeto 12-1, TJ Ashley Thoms 34-3.25, SP Kira D'Iorio 23-6, Macie Farrell 23-2.5, DT Macie Farrell 71-3, Kira D'Iorio 63-4


6400 Relay Jeremy Ahn 4:46.2-Thibault Gourlin 4:53.6-Casey Chambers 5:01.3-Alex Ganten 5:06.6=19:46.59, Ethan Sauerberg 4:39.5-Charlie Woidat 5:03.8-Andrew Tseng 4:51.7-Caleb Eliazer 5:39.9=20:13.94, 3200 Relay Jeremy Ahn 2:10.4-Charlie Woidat 2:21.2-Edward Buckley 2:05.5-Alex Ganten 2:23.8=9:01.10, Ethan Sauerberg 2:11.6-Thibault Gourlin 2:11.7-Andrew Tseng 2:19.3-Casey Chambers 2:18.6=9:00.98, LJ Shun Ishida 16-7, Ryan Jeter DQ, PV Krish Visht 13-0, SP Andrew Kimball 39-1, Lucas Moore 36-7, John Alago 33-8.5, Eric Fossen 33-5, DT Lucas Moore 126-5, Andrew Kimball 125-1, John Alago 87-2, Eric Fossen 80-6