Dublin Distance Fiesta
Dublin High School
Dublin CA
Saturday, March 17, 2018



Chao Cracks 11-Minutes, Boys' Produce 4 Sub-10 Marks at Dublin Distance Fiesta

In the elite girls' 3200m heat, Isabella Chao (18) and Jenna Miles (18) battled a field of the nation's best long-distance specialists at Saturday's Dublin Distance Fiesta. The duo ran relatively even splits to post impressive early-season marks for the 8-lap race. While Chao dipped under the 11-minute barrier by a single second, Miles finished just behind in 11:00.85.

Earlier in the day, Aerielle Szeto (19) earned a rare heat win by leading her 800m race wire-to-wire. Fiona Quimby (18) set the fastest time of the day for the Cougars over 2 laps with a 2:37.58 personal best.

Leading a train of rookie improvements, Sophie Webster (21) scorched the 2nd-half of her 3200m heat to knock a full minute off of her previous record for the distance.

The boys' long-distance squad enjoyed a festival of new personal bests under the lights in the evening drizzle. Edward Buckley (19) inched his way closer to the all-time record board with a 9:38.67 finish in the 3200m elite heat.

Moments earlier, Dylan Gunn (21), Ethan Sauerberg (18) and Owen Hunger (20) took control of their 3200m heat at the half-way point before hanging on to break 10 minutes.

Taj Donthineni (21) ran away from the competition in his heat of the 800m to win a Fiesta t-shirt while Juan-Pablo Garcia (21) set the standard for his teammates with a 2:18.90 clocking in the event.


800 Fiona Quimby 2:37.58, Brooke Stafford 2:43.73, Natalie Arnswald 2:50.06, Aerielle Szeto 2:50.16, Kira D'Iorio 2:15.15, Grace McGuire 2:53.84, Ally Lee 2:56.28, Mina Boozarpour 2:58.08, Kate Brown 2:58.29, Anastazia Lopez 3:01.51, Macie Farrell 3:09.12, Tracy Si 3:12.54, 3200 Isabella Chao 10:58.92, Jenna Miles 11:00.85, Emma Overell 11:39.47, Alicia Hober 11:43.25, Jessie Foxworthy 11:52.38, Ellie Guthrie 11:55.94, Sophie Webster 12:08.21, Mia Travis 12:37.98, Bianca Pierrat 13:00.19, Jessica Rosiak 13:17.71, Amy Flett 13:40.78, Catherine Zhang 13:55.19, Jessica Darfler 14:00.76, Katie Strohmeyer 14:23.80, Elena Koshkin 16:42.39, Distance Medley Relay Isabella Chao 3:49.1-Maddy Doane 63.1-Alicia Hober 2:33.4-Jenna Miles 5:22.2=12:47.71, Emma Overell 4:06.4-Bianca Chao 70.5-Jessica Foxworthy 2:37.2-Ellie Guthrie 5:39.9=13:34.56


800 JuanPablo Garcia 2:18.90, Taj Donthineni 2:23.02, Fin Penney 2:25.17, Joel Kofman 2:25.27, Bryan Graves 2:29.45, Alex Driver 2:29.49, Chongwoo Chang 2:35.21, Lucas Moore 2:36.66, Declan Bhagwat 2:37.73, Eric Fossen 2:40.85, Olie Flynn 2:42.73, Sebastian Fojut 2:43.03, Andrew Kimball 2:44.00, Mason Januszewski 2:49.34, Cole Jeter 2:50.81, Carter Hiett 2:57.76, James Tang 3:12.21, Kyle Moe 3:13.07, 3200 Edward Buckley 9:38.67, Ethan Sauerberg 9:57.24, Dylan Gunn 9:58.85, Owen Hunger 9:59.28, Cameron Iniguez-Reyes 10:06.01, Cayden Hein 10:13.40, Jeremy Ahn 10:13.96, Dyaln Cronin 10:16.34, Casey Chambers 10:21.37, Pablo Nguyen 10:21.60, Sam Morasch 10:26.31, Charlie Woidat 10:33.65, Alan Pierrat 11:11.10, Alex Ganten 11:28.35, Easton Means 11:28.51, Agustin Meneses 11:45.13, Vishal Lashkari 11:45.40, Brandon Hein 12:26.21, Alex Clare 12:40.92, Andres Artale 13:01.71, Caleb Eliazer 13:25.78