Hidden Valley Park, Martinez CA
The home course for the College Park Falcons, Hidden Valley Park is also the site of the Ed Sias Invitational and the DAL Championships. Moderately hilly, with only a few areas of truly level terrain, the course is mostly dirt trail with one 600m section of pavement and both the start and finish on grass. "Finale" hill, a 100m steep and rocky climb, greets competitors a quarter mile out from the finish.

HVP 3 Mile Course Google Map....
HVP 2 Mile Course Google Map
HVP 2 & 3 Mile Course Maps in PDF File

Newhall Park TRADITIONAL, Concord CA
This is the traditional Newhall Park cross country course, in use since the early 1970's. While the terain is identical to the DLS course, the start and finish lines are located in the center of the park on the grass behind the "dog park." The course is mostly flat gravel trail, some grass sections, with one significant hill about 1000m into the race, followed by a steep descent at the 1500m mark. The second and third miles are essentially on the same loop.

Newhall 2.95 Mile Course Map...
Newhall 2.95 Mile Course Google Map ..
Newhall 1.95 Mile Course Map
Newhall 1.95 Mile Course Google Map

Newhall Park DLS INVITE, Concord CA
This is the Newhall Park course configuration for the DLS Invitational. Overall, terrain and race times suggest this course is comparable to the State Meet course in Woodward Park. The starting line is located on the south east soccer field. The course is mostly flat gravel trail, some grass sections, with one significant hill about 1400m into the race, followed by a steep descent at the 2000m mark. From then on it's a track meet to the finish.

Newhall 3 Mile Course Map ...
Newhall 2 Mile Course Map

Canyon Middel School, Castro Valley CA
The home course for the Castro Valley Trojans, site of the Trojan Inviational, this course has several challenging hills after is loops around the large athletic fields. Start is fron the center of the football field, with the finish on the dirt track.

Canyon 2.1 Mile Course
Canyon 3.0 Mile Course

Martinez Shoreline Park, Martinez CA
This was the traditional site for Alhambra High School dual meets. Starts and finishes on grass with the remainder of the course on gravel and dirt walking paths. The only elevation change is over the "rainbow" bridge. Other than that, it's flat... and fast.

Martinez Shoreline 2 Mile Course

Miramonte High School, Orinda CA
Here is the home course of the Miramonte Matadors, which starts and finishes on their track. In between are loops through the hills above the campus.

Miramonte 2 Mile Course
Miramonte 3 Mile Course

Shell Ridge, Indian Valley Elementary, Walnut Creek
The home course of Las Lomas High School, the Shell Ridge Open Space is adjacent to Indian Valley Elementary in Walnut Creek. The course starting and finishing area is on a dirt trail, so space is limited. The two-mile course does the same loop twice. The three mile course does the one-mile loop, then heads out on a two-mile loop with some narrow trails through the lower portion of the canyon on the way back. The final 400 meters is up hill to the finish.

Shell Ridge 2 and 3 Mile Course Maps

Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area, Dublin CA
The home course of Dublin, as well as EBAL power Amador Valley. The course starts on grass near the lake shore, then follows a paved path briefly before hitting dirt trails that loop around the open space. Some mild elevation changes with long stretches of flat.

Shadow Cliffs 3 Mile Course Map
Shadow Cliffs 2 Mile Course Map

Woodward Park , Fresno CA
The course is 5000 meters. The start and finish are on a wide grass area. The rest of the trails are hard packed dirt with a couple of short streches on asphalt. It has mild ups and downs over rolling hills with one steep short hill. Many major cross country meets have been run on this course, including Footlocker, the CIF State Meet, Clovis Invitational, and the JC State Championships.

Woodward Park 2.1 Mile Course Map
Woodward Park 3.1 Mile Course Map