2019 SUMMER ACTIVITY CALENDAR: This is the calendar of training sessions Cougar athletes are expected to attend during the summer! Post it on your wall and get the miles in with teammates over the summer months!

2019 CROSS COUNTRY SEASON PREVIEW: A preview of Campolindo cross country for both new and returning athletes. Summer training advice, running shoe guide, and plenty of reasons why cross country is the sport for YOU.


AUHSD SPORTS REGISTRATION: This is the sports registration process required by the district. The athlete must have this paperwork complete in order to be eligible for the fall season of sport.

SPORTS PHYSICAL: The AUHSD Sport Registration requires a sports physical exam. The Campolindo Booster Club has arranged for a quick and easy way for you to complete this requirement on JULY 18. Check out complete details for obtaining the BOOSTER CLUB SPORTS PHYSICAL HERE!

XCStats.com REGISTRATION: Athletes are required to have a profile set up on the XCStats.com web site in order to participate in Cougar cross country. Please follow the directions on the PDF instruction sheet HERE! Our team code is: #cougars

XC TEAM HANDBOOK: This is the comprehensive information resource about the team and the sport that EVERY ATHLETE and parent is expected to read and understand prior to the season.

XC ATHLETE INFORMATION SHEET: This 2 page form should be printed, completed by the athlete, and turned in to the coach on the first practice day!

XC FALL SEASON CONTRIBUTION: The team contribution covers equipment, buses, meet entries, awards, district administration fees, custodial fees, coach stipends, web hosting and more. Please make this payment through the CAMPOLINDO WEB STORE. The 2019 projected season budget is available here: 2019 FALL SEASON BUDGET.

XC TEAM UNIFORM & APPAREL ORDERING: Follow this link to the team's NB APPAREL ORDER PAGE. The team uniform singlet and shorts are necessary items. Additional apparel items are optional though encouraged.

PARENT MEETING AGENDA: The parent meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 21, at 5:30pm in the CHS multi-use room.

PARENT VOLUNTEER SIGNUP: Each family is expected to fill at least two volunteer positions for the cross country season. Please see the PARENT VOLUNTEER PAGE for a list of volunteer positions and instructions on how to sign up.

PARENT CARPOOL DRIVER INSURANCE VERIFICATION: In situations where it is necessary for the use of parent carpools, the district requires the parent driver have this form completed and on file with the district. Parents are encouraged to complete this form and submit it to the Campolindo main office so as to be prepared in advance of any parent carpool needs.

Race Plan Sheet: A Race Plan should be completed prior to each competition in order for the athlete to set goals and prepare a race strategy based upon current fitness, competition, and race course.

Race Critique Sheet: A Race Critique should be completed after each competition in order for the athlete to reflect on his/her performance and learn from the experience.


PROGRAM MISSION STATEMENT: Inspired by the Insideout Initiative, this document defines the goals and purpose of the Campolindo cross country and track programs.

NUTRITION RESOURCE FOR DISTANCE RUNNERS: Written by Dr. Jeff Messer, this is document provides basic nutritional guidelines for competitive endurance runners.

NUTRITION PRESENTATION: These are the slides from Coach Chuck's 2018 HSU Camp presentation based upon the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position Paper and the International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement.

TIM HUNTER COACHING EXPERIENCE: An overview of head coach Tim Hunter's cross country and track & field coaching qualifications.

CHUCK WOOLRIDGE COACHING EXPERIENCE: An overview of assistant coach Chuck Woolridge's cross country and track & field coaching qualifications.

ATHLETE TESTIMONIALS: Read the reflections from members of the 2008 DFAL & NCS Champions.

AWARDS NIGHT SPEECH by Andy Lindquist: 2008 Campolindo Coach Walsh Award winner presents his reflections to parents and teammates at the 2008 cross country award night.

PERSONAL NARRATIVE by Alison Crisp: Crisp recounts the 2007 DFAL Championship showdown with rival College Park that resulted in an upset victory for the league title.


XCStats.com Athlete Profile:  Each athlete is expected to register on the XCStats.com web site as a member of the Campolindo team.  This includes entering athlete and parent email addresses, setting up competition goals, and using the training log feature.  Post race feedback, athlete progress, and weekly announcements to both athletes and parents will be provided through this system.  MAINTAINING A CURRENT XCSTATS.COM PROFILE IS A REQUIREMENT OF TEAM PARTICIPATION.

Practice Attendance:  Each athlete is expected to attend all primary practice sessions Monday through Saturday.  An 80% attendance rate is required to be eligible to compete.  A 90% attendance rate is required to be eligible for a letterman award.

Every effort must be made to schedule time so that there are no conflicts with daily practice. It is at the discretion of the coach to determine if athletes who are ill, injured or otherwise unable to complete practice sessions prior to a competition are fit and eligible to compete.  In the interest of safety, the coaching staff reserves the right to hold out of competition any athlete who is unable to satisfactorily complete a preceding workout session.  The coaching staff has sole authority over the determination of the competition lineup.

Punctuality:  Each athlete is expected to arrive at practice and competitions on time and ready to run. 

Practice Apparel & Equipment:  Correctly fitted running shoes, appropriate length running shorts (3" inseam or less) and sweat pants are expected at practice.  Basketball or other long shorts are NOT acceptable. A sports watch with a split timing function is also expected at practices. 

Competition Apparel:  Athletes are expected to wear team gear at all competitions. Undergarments worn beneath the team issued uniform must be solid white in color. Team sweat pants are to be worn at all competitions.  Athletes are expected to wear team sweat pants before and after racing.

Conduct:  Campolindo athletes are representatives of the school and the community.  Each athlete is responsible for continuing our tradition of exemplary conduct by supporting teammates, making a positive contribution to the sport, and putting forth their best effort on and off the course.

Transportation to and from Competition: Athletes transported from CHS to an away competition via district bus must also return to CHS via district bus or be released to their legal guardian at the competition site. Athletes will not be released to anyone other than a legal guardian. Team policy further requires that any athlete not returning to CHS with the team via district bus give the head coach verbal notification and visual confirmation of the presence of a legal guardian before departure. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM THE TEAM.


NECESSARY ITEMS:  The following items are necessary at all practices and competitions.

• Running Shoes (specifically fitted at running specialty store)
• Sweat Pants
• Running Shorts (NO basketball or long shorts!)
• Digital Watch with Split/Lap Time Capabilities
• Locker Room Lock (always lock up your gear)

RECOMMENDED ITEMS:  These items are not required, but recommended for serious athletes.

• Racing Flats
• GPS Watch
• Foam Roller (for self massage)
• Water Bottle
• Post Workout Snack


Parents are encouraged to direct their athletes to communicate directly with the coaches. Athletes should speak with coaches at practice or during the school day.  When face-to-face communication is not possible, athletes should send correspondence to both Coach Tim at trackboss2016@yahoo.com and Coach Chuck at cougarcoach@comcast.net. All communication regarding practice and meet attendance, questions about team policies, reporting of injuries or other concerns, should always start with a conversation between athlete and coach.

Parents should direct correspondence to Coach Tim at trackboss2016@yahoo.com.

Athletes are responsible for maintaining an XCStats.com profile with an up-to-date athlete email and parent email.  In addition to speaking directly to coaches, athletes are expected to report any planned absences, record daily training accomplishments and articulate performance goals through the XCStats.com web site.

The coaching staff will utilize XCStats.com to send pre and post-competition emails to athletes and parents, track athlete practice attendance, review athlete training logs and track athlete performance data.

The team web site (www.campotrack.com) is the primary resource for team information, including training and competition schedules, competition results and pictures, team rules and policies, team apparel options, coach profiles, and links to the team Facebook group page and Twitter account. Athletes and parents are expected to visit the team web site to access this information.

The team Facebook group page and the team Twitter account are secondary resources that may be used to communicate important daily updates like competition lineups and bus schedules.



• Athlete must finish a minimum of 5 races and attend a minimum of 90% of practice sessions to be considered for a Letter Award: Only athletes who complete 5 races and attend at least 90% of practice sessions during the fall season are eligible for a Cross Country Letter Award. Athletes who do not reach these minimums will receive Participant Awards.

Achievement of one of the following automatically earns a Letter Award provided the athlete has competed in 5 races and attended at least 90% of the practice sessions.

• Top 7 finish on any team in 4 or more races
• 2-mile time: 12:45 (boy), 15:15 (girl)


• Athlete must finish a minimum of 4 Varsity Races (6 races total) and attend a minimum of 90% of practice sessions. Only athletes who complete 4 VARSITY races (6 races total) during the fall season are eligible for a VARSITY Letter Award.

• Athlete must achieve a minimum 3-mile time: 17:45 (boy), 20:45 (girl). Only athletes who achieve the time standard on a certified 3.0-mile course during the fall season are eligible for a VARSITY Letter Award (5K conversion accepted).

Achievement of one of the following automatically earns a VARSITY Letter Award provided the athlete has completed 4 VARSITY races and achieved the minimum VARSITY time standard:

• Top 7 finish on Varsity team in 3 or more races
• Top 6 finish on Varsity team at league championships
• All League Varsity 1st or 2nd Team selection
• Top 6 finish on Varsity team at NCS or State

Athletes who withdraw from the team before the conclusion of the season for any reason, or are dropped from the team as disciplinary action, or fail to achieve the minimum academic standard for participation, forfeit all awards.

The cougar coaching staff reserves the right to make the final determiniation on athelte letterman status in the interest of preserving the integrity of the letterman award.


Competitors must wear team sanctioned competition uniforms. Additional garments (underwear and athletic bras) must be solid WHITE and worn beneath the uniform. NO other visible garments (tights, biker shorts, t-shirts, under armour) may be worn under the uniform during competition.

Jewelry is NOT permitted in competition. Athletes must not wear jewelery, including ear/nose/belly/finger rings or studs, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, bobby pins, or any other type of hard object while in the field of competition.

Watches and prescription eye glasses are considered equipment and ARE acceptable in competition.

Athletes may be disqualified for the following infractions:
• Uniform/Jewelry violation.
• Failure to follow directions of meet personnel.
• Use of profanity.
• Causing a competitor to break stride.
• Impeding or interfering with a competitor.
• Physical contact with a competitor.
• Failure to run designated course.

Varsity race distance for DAL, NCS, and CIF competition is 3 miles or 5k. Varsity scrimmages and invitational meets sometimes vary, but are never less than 2 miles or longer than 5k. Frosh-Soph and Junior Varsity race distance for DAL is 2 miles. Frosh-Soph and Junior Varsity invitational meets can vary from 3k to 2.4 miles.

The top 7 finishers for each team are factored into the final team score. Teams with fewer than 5 competitors are incomplete and their finishers are deleted from scoring. The sum of the top 5 finishing places for each team represent the team scores. The lowest score wins. In the event of a tie, the 6th finishing place for each team determines the winner. Invitational and Championship competition is scored using team finishing places against entire race field. Tri-meet competition is scored head to head. Each team is scored against the other without the place holders of additional teams.

There are 3 divisions of competition in High School Cross Country: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh-Soph. The Cougar Cross Country Program places athletes in divisions based on the following criterion.

Varsity: The top 7 fastest athletes regardless of grade usually compete in this division. Invitational and post season competition limits team size to 7 runners. However, DAL dual meet rules allow teams to run as many as 10 athletes in Varsity competition. Fielding more than 7 runners in Varsity competition is done at the discretion of the coach usually for the purpose of providing experience for future Varsity athletes, run-offs between athletes competing for a Varsity position, or as reward for exemplary conduct by veterans.

Frosh-Soph: This division is restricted to Freshmen and Sophomores only. The top 7 fastest Frosh or Soph athletes usually compete in this division. The exception to this would be if a Freshman or Sophomore were placed on Varsity. Invitational competition sometimes limits team size to 7 runners. However, most often there is no limit to number of entries in Frosh-Soph competition.

Junior Varsity: There are no grade restrictions or team size limitations for this division. However, a school must field a Varsity team consisting of their top 5 or more runners before a Junior Varsity team can be entered. Junior or Senior athletes not among the top 7 fastest on the team compete in this division. Freshmen or Sophomores may also compete in this division, usually to provide better depth or to balance race fields.

Varsity: Complete Varsity teams automatically qualify for the DAL Championship and NCS Championship meets. Varsity teams must finish in the top four (Division III) at the NCS Championship meet to advance to the CIF Championships. The top 5 Individuals NOT on a qualifying team may advance from NCS to CIF competition if they finish in the top 12.

Frosh-Soph & Junior Varsity: Frosh-Soph and Junior Varsity teams automatically qualify for the DAL Championship meet. These divisions are NOT contested at the NCS or CIF level.

Final season league standings for each division are determined by combining equally weighted results from regular season DAL center meet competition and those of the DAL Championship meet. There are NO tie breakers.