Bob Warren Relays
Acalanes High School
Lafayette CA
Friday, April 27, 2007


1600 Relays Roll at Bob Warren Invite

As summer temperatures finally settled over the East Bay, Cougar 1600 Relay squads capped a scorching day of track and field with hot performances to capture first place honors and new seasonal best times.

Sara Tomas (10) opened up the lead over rival Miramonte during the third leg before handing off to anchor Lisa Rosenthal, who brought the frosh soph squad home in 64.6. The 4:14.9ce overall time would have placed fourth in the varsity division!

Moments later, Chris Harland-Dunaway (07) and Bryan Reinke (08) added to the evening's dramatics with their own sensational 1600 Relay splits. Clocking 51.9 and 52.0 respectively, the duo sparked a 3:28.7ce victory over the Bob Warren field.

Eva Isaacs (10) continued her rapid improvement with a 29-8.5 toss of the shot while teammate Lauren Lynch (09) sailed to runner up finishes in both long and triple jump.

Led by Michael Brondello (09) and Ross Geiger (09), the frosh soph boys again dominated the distance relay events.


6400 Relay Rosenthal 5:43.0-S. Tomas 5:36.8-Swanback 6:17.0-Pulford 6:35.8=24:00.0, 100 Hurdles Attiyeh 18.1ce, 400 Relay Attiyeh-Nelson-Vanduren-Friar=55.5ce, 3200 Relay Watson 2:35.9-Padon 2:35.3-Vanduren 2:53.6-Friar 3:13.0=11:18.4, 3200 Finnegan 11:51.0, Giacchetti 11:53.1, Pulford 13:27.5, Swanback 13:36.4, Salmeron 15:17.9, LJ Juram 14-4, TJ Juram 30-0, PV Jung 11-6, Attiyeh 10-0

Team Scores

Miramonte 53, Carondelet 35,Deer Valley 32, Castro Valley 28,Las Lomas 23.50, Acalanes 23,Concord 18, Campolindo 17,Pittsburg 14, Ygnacio Valley 12,Clayton Valley 11, Northgate 9.50,St. Mary's 8, Crystal Springs Uplands 5,Mt. Diablo 5


100 Hurdles Huberts 19.4ce, 3200 Relay Warren 2:30.7-S. Tomas 2:34.7-Rosenthal 2:40.6-Huberts 2:47.8=10:34.2, 400 Relay Salemme-Goldberger-Lynch-Curtis=53.9ce, 800 Relay Salemme 29.1-Goldberger 27.6-Lynch 28.1-Curtis 30.4=1:55.4ce, 1600 Relay Warren 63.9-Goldberger 63.4-S. Tomas 63.3-Rosenthal 64.6=4:14.9ce, LJ Lynch 15-8, Warren NM, TJ Lynch 30-5, Huberts 29-10, HJ Lambrecht 4-2, SP Isaacs 29-8.5, Dokos 24-5.5, Kalvass 20-8, Discus Isaacs 84-2, Dokos 69-6, Kalvass 53-10

Team Scores

Campolindo 44.25, Castro Valley 35,St. Mary's 34, Miramonte 28,Carondelet 26, Mt. Diablo 25.25,Concord 20.25, Las Lomas 14.25,Acalanes 9, Deer Valley 8,Alhambra 6, Crystal Springs Uplands 4,College Park 2


6400 Relay HarlanDunaway 4:35.6-Pines 4:48.6-Holmes 4:53.7-Wheeler 4:51.7=19:09.8, DeLong 5:11.0-Verdon 5:35.6-Budge 5:35.2-Lindquist 5:30.3=21:54.9, 110 Hurdles Sha 19.6ce, Dyer 20.0ce, 400 Relay B. Reinke-Murray-Thompson-Isaksson=45.6ce, 3200 Relay HarlanDunaway 2:05.8-Holmes 2:11.6-LaCour 2:06.8-Wheeler 2:08.0=8:32.4, Kwong 2:15.1-DeLong 2:20.1-Eisenberg 2:25.9-Lindquist 2:25.7, 100 Murray 11.2ce, Thompson 11.6ce, 3200 Pines 10:00.3, Edelson 12:17.8, 800 Relay B. Reinke 22.9-Murray 22.6-Thompson 24.1-Kwong 24.7=1:33.9ce, 1600 Relay Murray 52.6-HarlanDunaway 51.9-B. Reinke 52.0-Isaksson 52.4=3:28.7ce, Kwong 57.4-LaCour 53.9-Thompson 54.5-Sha 58.3=3:43.8ce, LJ Kaufman 19-6.5, B. Reinke NM, TJ Kaufman 37-3, HJ Kaufman NH, SP Kung 43-5.75, Duringer NM, Discus Duringer 132-1, Kung 121-11, Antono 105-2

Team Scores

Deer Valley 46, Campolindo 38,Acalanes 32, De La Salle 30.50,Mt. Diablo 30, Castro Valley 28,Las Lomas 26.50, Miramonte 26,Clayton Valley 16, Pittsburg 7, Concord 4, Northgate 4,Alhambra 4, Crystal Springs Uplands 2


6400 Relay Brondello 4:48.3-Geiger 4:54.3-Cox 4:53.1-Pulford 4:53.6=19:29.4, Wong 5:00.1-Hendrickson 4:53.7-Settle 5:15.6-Baffi 5:25.6=20:36.4, 110 Hurdles Wang 17.4ce, 3200 Relay Geiger 2:09.8-Bayuk 2:14.1-Brondello 2:13.8-Cox 2:13.1=8:51.0, Pulford 2:20.0-Hendrickson 2:18.0-Wong 2:18.2-Settle 2:27.0=9:25.7, 400 Relay M. Lee-J. Reinke-Maurer-Zhang=DQ, 800 Relay M. Lee 25.1-Maurer 25.4-Wang 24.1-Barton 25.4=1:43.8ce, Madra 28.5-Joyce 26.6-Trotter 27.9-Noll 27.4=1:50.6ce, 1600 Relay Bayuk 56.2-M. Lee 57.2-Wang 56.3-Maurer 55.1=3:44.7ce, Brondello 58.2-Geiger 57.7-Zhang 59.2-Barton 59.7=3:54.4ce, LJ Bayuk 17-3.5, M. Lee 16-4.75, Zhang 15-8, TJ Wang 37-10.5, Zhang 35-6, Bayuk 29-7.75, Trotter NM, HJ Trotter 5-2, Hendrickson 5-0, PV Noll 10-6, Kalish 9-0, Caldwell NH, Bisel NH, SP Peters NM, Walker NM, Rhoda NM, Thornburg NM, Discus Peters 99-7, Walker 93-3, Megowan 92-8, Rhoda 60-3

Team Scores

Campolindo 42, Las Lomas 38,Miramonte 34, Castro Valley 26,Acalanes 24, Deer Valley 20,De La Salle 20, Alhambra 17,Clayton Valley 15, St. Mary's 12,Northgate 4, College Park 3,Pittsburg 3, Mt. Diablo 2,Ygnacio Valley 1, Concord 1