Bob Warren Relays
Acalanes High School
Lafayette CA
Friday, April 29, 2011


Swanson Soars over 5-4, Girl's 4x400 Wins in 4:10 as Defending Champs Tune up for Post Season at Warren Relays

Hadley Swanson (13) elevated her game with a 5-4 clearance in high jump, equaling the school record and winning the varsity competition at Friday's annual Robert Warren Relays, hosted by Acalanes High School. The mark moves her to #2 in the North Coast Section, and into contention for a state meet berth.

In spite of windy conditions, the two-time defending league champions, who have struggled with injuries and suffered defeat at the hands of the rival Dons earlier in the year, showed they are still contenders with season best efforts from Meghan Nelson (11), Kendall Coffee (13), Rachel Meadows (12) and Swanson in the 1600m Relay.

Just thirty minutes prior to the relay team's winning performance, Meadows won the 3200m race in a new personal best of 11:25. Sara Mostatabi (11) was third in 11:27.

Also running surprising times in spite of a nasty headwind on the back stretch, both Adam Hathaway (13) and Ben Weinberg (14) cracked benchmark barriers with 3200m times of 9:55 and 10:59 respectively.

Griffin Brumbaugh (11) overcame the notorious up-hill sector to improve his discus best to 133-0, winning the varsity division. Other field event highlights included Marcus Harland-Dunaway's (14) hop, skip and jump over the 37 foot mark in triple jump, as well as Wes Brumbaugh's (13) nearly five foot improvement in shot put to 38-4.


6400 Relay Ellen Hann 5:55.8-Megan McMillan 5:55.8-Sydney Coe 6:13.2-Diana Kossakowski 5:54.5=24:01.24, 100 Hurdles Lilly Quint 20.01 (wa), Ashley Bernardo 20.32 (wa), 3200 Relay Ellen Hann 2:43.7-Stephanie Zhong 3:07.8-Jennifer Walton 3:13.0-Smit 3:04.8=12:08.90, 100 Laura DeCrescenzo 13.66 (wa), 800 Relay Lindsay Wong 30.5-Ashley Bernardo 28.6-Katherine Rossi 29.7-Rachel Duncan 28.5=1:57.55, 3200 Megan McMillan 12:53.76, Sydney Coe 13:04.45, 1600 Relay Lindsay Wong 68.7-Katherine Rossi 66.9-Rachel Duncan 66.3-Ashley Bernardo 68.3=4:30.51, LJ Ellen Hann 11-2.5, TJ Lindsay Wong 28-5, Stephanie Zhong NM, HJ Laura DeCrescenzo 4-2, Lindsay Wong 3-8, PV Lilly Quint 7-6, Ashley Bernardo 6-0, SP DT Laura DeCrescenzo 64-0, Rachel Duncan 59-7


6400 Relay Cameron Sun 4:47.2-Kevin Fong 5:05.9-Rod Farvard 5:00.4-Isaac Valverde 5:19.3=20:13.11, Ben Weinberg 5:23.5-Will Moran 5:26.4-Omid Boozarpour 5:42.2-Nathane Tucker 5:37.6=22:11.53, 110 Hurdles Marcus Harland-Dunaway 18.27 (wa), Cole Whitley 21.41 (wa), 3200 Relay Cameron Sun 2:13.2-Kevin Fong 2:23.3-Rod Farvard 2:19.3-Isaac Valverde 2:20.1=9:16.55, 400 Relay Harrison Hughes-Ryan Hoffman-Gryphon Goodrich-Layton Wieczynski=47.50, 100 Ryan Hoffman 11.88, Harrison Hughes 12.23, 3200 Ben Weinberg 10:59.06, 800 Relay Layton Wieczynski 25.2-Cole Whitley 26.9-Robert Galindo 26.1-Jonathan Lee 30.0=1:49.04, 1600 Relay Harrison Hughes 57.0-Gryphon Goodrich 56.7-Ryan Hoffman 53.1-Marcus Harland-Dunaway 57.9=3:45.02, LJ Layton Wieczynski 15-9, TJ Marcus Harland-Dunaway 37-7, Cole Whitley NM, HJ Harrison Hughes, PV Gryphon Goodrich, SP Wes Brumbaugh 38-4, Jonathan Rowland 34-1, DT Wes Brumbaugh 78-5, Jonathan Rowland 73-1


6400 Relay Erin Ross 6:10.6-Haley Shipway 5:29.4-Juliet Farnan 5:21.3-Lisa Luckenbach 5:59.9=23:01.84, 100 Hurdles Meghan Nelson 16.85, 3200 Relay Haley Shipway 2:32.0-Juliet Farnan 2:29.3-Erin Ross 2:50.8-Lisa Luckenbach 2:45.7, 800 Relay Hadley Swanson 26.4-Meghan Nelson 26-7-Kendall Coffee 27.2-Gaby Gryko 26.7=1:47.19, 3200 Rachel Meadows 11:25.19, Sara Mostatabi 11:27.55, 1600 Relay Meghan Nelson 62.9-Kendall Coffee 63.8-Hadley Swanson 59.9-Rachel Meadows 64.1=4:10.78, LJ Gaby Gryko 14-10.25, TJ Kendall Coffee 28-10.5, HJ Hadley Swanson 5-4, Gaby Gryko DNS, PV Gaby Gryko 7-6, SP Margaret Macy, Jane Macy, DT Margaret Macy 100-11, Jane Macy 63-8


1600 Relay Dylan Laucher 4:34.9-Keith Geiger 4:46.5-Leland Wong 4:44.7-Logan Coe 4:48.9=18:55.14, Gian David Panetta 4:52.3-Colin Wong 5:11.3-Kevin Gelston 5:10.8-Nathan Oto 5:34.9=20:57.16, 110 Hurdles Darren Brodowy 17.73 (wa), John Sienkiewics 19.12 (wa), 400 Relay Reiner Ebarle-Chris Maag-Jake Cucarola-Dan Fadelli=44.73, 3200 Relay Leland Wong 2:04.7-Dylan Laucher 2:05.5-Tony Knox 2:08.2-Keith Geiger 2:11.8=8:30.35, 100 Dan Fadelli 11.47, 3200 Adam Hathaway 9:55.80, Greg Garcia 10:13.64, 800 Relay Chris Maag 23.7-Dan Fadelli 23.0-Reiner Ebarle 23.9-John Sienkiewicz 25.2=1:36.06, 1600 Relay Reiner Ebarle 53.0-Tony Knox 54.1-Leland Wong 52.7-Chris Maag 51.2=3:31.26, LJ Tony Knox 18-6.5, Darren Brodowy 17-6.25, TJ Tony Knox 37-7, Darren Brodowy 36-6, HJ Leland Wong 5-2, PV Andres DelValle 13-6, SP Griffin Brumbaugh 41-0, Vance Prescott 38-8, DT Griffin Brumbaugh 133-0, Vance Prescott 119-2