Bob Warren Relays
Acalanes High School
Lafayette CA
Friday, April 27, 2012


Varsity Girls Dominate Warren Relays; Johnson Churns out 9th All-Time 3200m, Jayachandran Hurdles to Number Two

A surprising 4:06.01 winning 1600 Relay performance capped an impressive day for the varsity girls' as they dominated the annual Bob Warren Relays at Acalanes High School. Amassing 70 points, with individual wins from Rhea Jayachandran (12) in the 100 Hurdles, Rachel Johnson (15) in the 3200m, and Margaret Macy (12) in the discus, the DFAL leading Cougars outdistanced second place Lincoln High School by 36 points.

Johnson's 3200m victory in 11:12.30 moves her to 9th All-Time on the Campolino record list. Jayachandran's 15.68 win in the 100 Hurdles is good enough for the number two performance in school history.

Hadley Swanson (12) equaled her school record high jump mark of 5-4 before contributing the fastest split on the winning 1600 Relay.

Also winning the meet title, the varsity boys were lead by 3200m winner Adam Hathaway (13), as well as vault champion Andres DelValle (12).


100 Hurdles Ashley Bernardo 17.69, Miranda Protzen 19.30, 400 Relay Ashley Bernardo-Lindsay Wong-Kristy Chiang-Miranda Protzen=53.12, 100 Ashley Bernardo 13.48, Kristy Chiang 14.38, 800 Relay Miranda Protzen 29.9-Alison Tsuboi 30.6-Kate Ryles 31.4-Kaylyn Murray 31.4=2:03.49, 3200 Ellen Hann 12:38.74, Jenny Smit 13:06.22, 1600 Relay Ashley Bernardo 66.5-Kristy Chiang 65.5-Alison Tsuboi 69.5-Lindsay Wong 65.1=4:26.85, LJ Alison Tsuboi 11-3, Kristy Chiang 10-4, TJ Lindsay Wong 28-6, Kaylyn Murray 25-4, HJ Kate Ryles 4-2, Ellen Hann NH, PV Miranda Protzen 7-6, SP Kaylyn Murray 28-7.75, Madaline Daum 21-6.25, DT Madaline Daum 85-6, Kaylyn Murray NM


6400 Relay Will Moran 5:02.3-Tyler Takata 5:04.1-Ian Gilbert 5:07.3-Omid Boozarpour 5:12.1=20:23.84, Nathane Tucker 5:17.0-Tyrone Yanaga 5:20.4-Uanoa Nelson 5:25.4-Sam Lee 5:32.6=21:35.52, 110 Hurdles Marcus Harland-Dunaway 17.31, 400 Relay Parker Lothamer-Harrison Hughes-Marcus HarlandDunaway-Andrew Ahazie=48.14, 3200 Relay Tyler Takata 2:13.3-Will Moran 2:29.8-2:31.1-Nathane Tucker 2:24.5=9:28.64, 100 Harrison Hughes 11.83, 3200 Michael Peterson 10:20.96, Ben Weinberg 10:27.17, 800 Relay Gabe Vince- 26.5-Akshaye Pal 27.5-Michael Lobzakov 26.0-Trent Capurro 31.5=1:50.16, 1600 Relay Parker Lothamer 57.7-Harrison Hughes 52.5-Tyler Takata 57.0-Marcus HarlandDunaway 55.6=3:42.96, TJ Marcus HarlandDunaway 37-9.5, Parker Lothamer 36-3, HJ Harrison Hughes 5-6, PV Andrew Lobzakov, SP Tyler Wilson 42-2.25, Jonathan Rowland 37-1.5, DT Tyler Wilson, Jonathan Rowland


110 Hurdles Rhea Jayachandran 15.68, Erin Ross 18.18, 400 Relay Kendall Coffee-Erin Ross-Rachel Duncan-Laura DeCrescenzo=54.45, 800 Relay Hadley Swanson 26.7-Kendall Coffee 28.2-Rhea Jayachandran 26.9-Rachel Duncan 28.6=1:48.83, 3200 Rachel Johnson 11:12.30, Sarah Orders 11:59.25, Brighie Leach 12:00.65, 1600 Relay Kendall Coffee 63.1-Hadley Swanson 58.9-Rhea Jayachandran 61.3-Erin Ross 62.4=4:06.01, LJ Laura DeCrescenzo 12-11, HJ Hadley Swanson 5-4, Laura DeCrescenzo NH, PV Jessie Hyde 10-6, Lilly Quint 8-6, SP Margaret Macy 32-11, Jane Macy 27-5.75, DT Margaret Macy 113-4, Jane Macy 93-11


1600 Relay Leland Wong 4:40.0-Vinson Compestine 4:39.7-Rod Farvard 4:41.9-Keving Fong 4:58.0=18:59.72, Colin Wong 5:02.4-Keving Gelston 5:02.4-Arman Mostaghimi 5:14.7-Josh Koenigsberg 5:22.1=20:43.32, Drew Gustafson 5:27.0-Eric Chiang 5:33.0-Nick LoPresti 5:51.8-Tyler Bohon 5:49.8=22:41.79, 110 Hurdles Brian Pfaff 16.79, Darren Brodowy 17.19, 3200 Relay Leland Wong 2:03.3-Vinson Compestine 2:03.2-Tony Knox 2:03.8-Gryphon Goodrich 2:08.5=8:18.85, Rod Farvard 2:12.0-Kevin Fong 2:21.6-Kevin Gelston 2:17.7-Josh Koenigsberg 2:32.9=9:24.38, 100 Andy VanHeuit 11.92, Ryan Hoffman 11.94, 3200 Adam Hathaway 9:47.74, Charlie Chen 10:08.52, 800 Relay Aaron Havel 24.1-Gryphon Goodrich 24.0-Robert Galindo 24.5-Eric Gabrielli 24.4=1:38.12, 1600 Relay Andy VanHeuit 53.5-Ryan Hoffman 51.8-Tony Knox 53.3-Darren Brodowy 53.3=3:32.05, LJ Tony Knox 19-1.5, TJ Darren Brodowy 40-2, Brian Pfaff 39-5, HJ Brian Pfaff 6-0, PV Andres DelValle 14-6, Eric Gabrielli NH, SP Cameron Goldbeck 32-4, Aaron Havel NS, DT Eric Gabrielli 107-3, Cameron Goldbeck 89-0