Bob Warren Relays
Acalanes High School
Lafayette CA
Friday, May 1, 2015


First-Leg Relay Split Edges School Record for Leach, Helps Squad to 2nd All Time

In a solo effort on the opening leg of the girls' varsity 3200 relay at Friday's Bob Warren meet, Brighie Leach (15) improved her 2-lap time by just over a second to claim the 800m school record.

The previous Campolindo best of 2:13.44 was set in 1980 by Lisa Sandel, one of 3 all-time marks that have stood for 35 years. Sandel's 1600m time of 4:48.64 and Alison Adams' 56.44 for 400m still remain unbroken, for now; Having set both the 800m and 3200m records this season, it seems likely the senior standout will give the 4-lap mark a serious challenge.

The well split effort by Leach (65.5/67.5) propelled her squad to a fine total time of 9:27.98, good for 2nd on that event's All-Time list. Mary Orders (15) kept the team on pace with a solid 2:21 split, followed by legs from Sarah Cella (16) and Hana Sun (16).

Other top performers from the meet hosted by Acalanes included Isabella Chao (18), who first put her 6400 relay squad in the lead with a 5:41 opening leg, and then return to the track 90 minutes later to run sub 2:40 for 800m.

On the frosh soph level, Ariana Gonzales (17) added a foot to her pole vault best, clearing 7-6, while Sarah Ryles (17) returned to form in the throwing events and increased her high jump record to 4-4.

In spite of the hot afternoon conditions, Matt McAuliffe (16) provided the fastest leg of his 6400 relay team, clocking 5:04. Niki Moore (17) once again dipped under the 2-minute mark on his leg of the 3200 relay, and then added the fastest 1600 relay split at 51.9.

Kai Weyland (17) continued his bid for frosh soph boys' MVP honors by eclipsing the 19-foot barrier for the first time in long jump. The sophomore veteran also cleared 10-6 in pole vault and anchored the 1600 relay.

Will Gipson (17) also showed improvement with a 5-foot clearance in high jump.


6400 Relay Isabella Chao 5:41.6-Jessie Foxworthy 5:49.3-Savannah Hilton 5:53.2-Elizabeth Garcia 6:06.6=23:30.78, 100 Hurdles Marla Wong 19.38, 3200 Relay Isabell Chao 2:39.2-Jessie Foxworthy 2:42.6-Savannah Hilton 2:49.8-Elizabeth Garcia 2:50.1=11:01.92, 100 Marla Wong 13.95, Jelina Liu 14.03, 800 Relay Marla Wong 28.9-Jelina Liu 28.6-Clare Ahearn 29.1-Jacqueline Hughes 30.0=1:56.5, 1600 Relay Marla Wong 65.1-Ashley Lee 67.9-Clare Ahearn 67.7-Jacqueline Hughes 68.0=4:28.91, LJ Jelina Liu 13-7.75, Jolie Mak 10-4.5, TJ Jelina Liu 27-5.5, HJ Sarah Ryles 4-4, PV Ariana Gonzales 7-6, SP Sarah Ryles 24-6.5, DT Sarah Ryles 74-10


6400 Relay Ray Diaz 4:47.1-Richard Gong 4:55.3-Kyle Flett 5:06.7-Timothy Sams 5:16.4=20:05.5, Thibault Gourlin 5:06.4-Gabriel ValverdeTurner 5:09.9-Ethan Sauerberg 5:28.9-Casey Chambers 5:13.8=20:59.34, 110 Hurdles Jason Lin 18.77, Julian Socher 19.91, 3200 Relay Richard Gong 2:11.4-Timothy Sams 2:23.0-Kyle Flett 2:20.5-Thibault Gourlin 2:18.3=9:13.26, Ray Diaz 2:13.1-Navid Boozarpour 2:28.7-Ethan Sauerberg 2:30.3-Casey Chambers 2:34.3=9:46.48, 100 Alex Capurro 12.33, Chris Fleming 12.46, 3200 Gabriel Valverde-Turner 10:32.91, Christophe Marinier 13:48.19, 800 Relay Alex Capurro 24.2-Josh Baier 25.3-Nick Landry 25.8-Julian Socher 25.8=1:41.34, 1600 Relay Chris Fleming 57.7-Nick Landry 59.3-Alex Capurro 54.2-Kai Weyland 56.8=3:48.01, LJ Kai Weyland 19-2.5, Chris Fleming 18-7.5, HJ Jason Lin 5-2, Will Gipson 5-0, PV Kai Weyland 10-6, Nick Landry NH, SP Matt Farne 33-6, Andrew Kimball 32-6.5, DT Andrew Kimball 77-0, Matt Farne 72-10


6400 Relay Rachel Johnson 5:25.8-Hannah Ruane 5:23.2-Jenna Miles 5:36.3-Sarah Shipway 5:59.1=22:24.74, 100 Hurdles Juliet Arnswald 18.51, 400 Relay Kristy Chiang-Mariah Brown-Tia Dewey-Juliet Arnswald=53.82, 3200 Relay Brighie Leach 2:13.37 (FAT)-Mary Orders 2:21.7-Hana Sun 2:26.7-Sarah Cella 2:25.7=9:27.98, Rachel Johnson 2:33.1-Hannah Ruane 2:28.9-Jenna Miles 2:34.7-Sarah Shipway 2:43.4=10:20.18, 100 Lauren Williams 13.27, Kristy Chiang 14.42, 800 Relay Mariah Brown 28.7-Julie Hyatt 28.4-Kristy Chiang 28.9-Tia Dewey 29.1=1:55.22, 1500 Emma Ishida 5:22.42, 1600 Relay Julie Hyatt 62.5-Sarah Cella 62.0-Juliet Arnswald 62.9-Tia Dewey 67.8=4:15.33, LJ Lauren Williams 15-8, Kristy Chiang 14-10, TJ Lauren Williams 31-2.5, PV Miranda Protzen 9-6, Avery McCaffery 8-0, SP Maddy Daum 27-5.5, Mackenzie Brown 23-11.75, DT Maddy Daum 87-4, Mackenzie Brown 78-2


6400 Relay Jared Yabu 4:33.2-Kevin Buckley 4:36.2-Nathaniel Sauerberg 4:49.5-Jonathan Semenza 4:39.0=18:37.9, Miguel Baliwag 5:06.1-Matt McAuliffe 5:04.7-Aaron Lin 5:21.0-Kekoa Nelson 5:14.0=20:45.88, 110 Hurdles Yuri Kim 19.12, Thomas Heutmaker 21.88, 400 Relay Evan Amsden-Mohammad Movahedi-Gabe Vince-Jonathan Hughes 44.85, 3200 Relay Parker Lothamer 2:02.9-Niki Moore 1:57.5-Nathaniel Sauerberg 2:11.3-Kevin Buckley 2:08.1=8:20.15, Jonathan Semenza 2:13.3-Josh Steingrube 2:32.1-Nick Bishop 2:31.1-Will Buckley 2:37.7=9:54.44, 100 Gabe Vince 12.17, 3000 Sam Lee 10:05.03, Sean Pappa 10:26.14, 800 Relay Jonathan Hughes 22.9-Mohammad Movahedi 23.2-Gabe Vince 23.7-Evan Amsden 23.8=1:33.67, 1600 Relay Parker Lothamer 52.4-Niki Moore 51.9-Mohammad Movahedi 54.6-Evan Amsden 54.0=3:33.08, LJ Gabe Vince 18-3.5, TJ Trent Capurro 32-8.5, PV Evan Amsden NH, Mohammad Movahedi NH, SP Jack Shurtz 44-10.75, Grant Chen 37-1.5, DT Jack Shurtz 151-4, Grant Chen 110-3