Bay Area Relays
Foothill High School
Pleasanton CA
Saturday, March 25, 2017


Girls' Frosh Soph Distance Dominates

Paloma Hancock (19) helped the frosh soph girls continue their winning ways, contributing strong lead-off legs to both the winning distance medley relay and the 4 x 800m relay during Saturday's Bay Area Relay meet at Foothill High School.

Ana Bernardo (17), Lauren Williams (17), Mari Francisco (19) and Juliet Arnswald (17) teamed up for the first time in the varsity girls' 4 x 100m relay to run a respectable 52.34.

The varsity boys' distance medley relay was lifted by a fine anchor leg in 4:45.8 by Jeremy Ahn (18).

In the field events, Lily Matranga (20) improved her shot put mark to 23-6.25, Clare Ahearn (17) cleared 8-6 in the pole vault, Brandon Manty (20) sailed to a 19 foot long jump and Lucas Moore (19) dominated the discus with a toss of 124 feet. Moore's discus measurement is a frosh soph boys' golden foot mark.


Distance Medley Relay Paloma Hancock 4:06.3-Adithi Subrumaniam 66.8-Ellie Guthrie 2:43.9-Alicia Hober 5:50.3=13:46.60; Kira D'Iorio 4:21.6-Mia Travis 75.4-Catherine Zhang 2:49.3-Sarah Naughten 6:29.3=14:55.63, Shuttle Hurdle Relay Natalie Arnswald 20.06-Remy Moran 21.19-Bianca Chao 20.14-Mia Travis 22.14=1:23.76, 3200 Relay Paloma Hancock 2:42.0-Bianca Chao 2:40.9-Alicia Hober 2:42.9-Ellie Guthrie 2:42.7=10:47.36; Kira D'Iorio 2:46.5-Mia Travis 2:49.0-Remy Moran 2:50.3-Sarah Naughten 3:03.2=11:28.00, 800 Relay Natalie Arnswald 28.7-Adithi Subrumaniam 30.0-Remy Moran 29.5-Bianca Chao 30.4=1:59.22, 1600 Relay Natalie Arnswald 67.3-Bianca Chao 69.7-Adithi Subrumaniam 69.7-Remy Moran 68.5=4:35.20, SP Lily Storrs 23-7.5, Lily Matranga 23-6.25, Macie Farrell 19-0.25, DT Lily Storrs 70-2, Macie Farrell 61-5, Lily Matranga 59-10


Distance Medley Relay Jessie Foxworthy 4:07.6-Melissa Wilson 63.7-Kaylee Johns 2:43.5-Kiana Lew 6:15.10=14:10.51, 400 Relay Ana Bernardo-Lauren Williams-Mari Francisco-Juliet Arnswald 52.34, Shuttle Hurdle Relay Juliet Arnswald-Fiona Quimby-Marla Wong-Kaylee Johns=1:20.05, 800 Relay Clare Ahearn 29.2-Ana Bernardo 29.2-Fiona Quimby 29.5-Marla Wong 29.6=1:57.79, Sprint Medley Relay Mari Francisco 28.1-Lauren Williams 27.7-Melissa Wilson 65.5-Marla Wong 2:51.3=4:53.39, LJ Lauren Williams 15-1, TJ Ana Bernardo 27-5.75, HJ Juliet Arnswald 4-6, PV Clare Ahearn 8-6, Mari Francisco 7-6, SP Mackenzie Brown 27-5.75, Anmerlyn Tucker 26-2, Brigitte Jia 23-2.5, Claire Matranga 22-3, DT Mackenzie Brown 96-3, Anmerlyn Tucker 89-11, Brigitte Jia 65-1, Claire Matranga NS


Distance Medley Relay Edward Buckley 3:26.0-Brandon Manty 54.5-Pablo Nguyen 2:13.4-Cayden Hein 4:50.4=11:24.31, Agustin Meneses 3:56.8-Anish Visht 58.7-Andres Artales 2:57.0-David Pena 5:28.5=13:21.06, 3200 Relay Edward Buckley 2:13.1-Cayden Hein 2:16.2-Owen Hunger 2:16.9-Dylan Cronin 2:30.7=9:16.50, 6400 Relay Owen Hunger 5:03.4-Sam Morasch 5:05.8-Brandon Hein 5:25.5-Dylan Cronin 5:20.2=20:52.71, LJ Brandon Manty 19-2, PV Anish Visht 8-0, SP Carter Hiett 27-2, Lucas Moore NS, DT Lucas Moore 124-9, Carter Hiett 67-1


Distance Medley Relay Andrew Tseng 3:32.4-Chris Fleming 54.9-Timothy Sams 2:06.7-Jeremy Ahn 4:45.8=11:26.33, 3200 Relay Richard Gong 2:05.4-Ray Diaz 2:08.3-Timothy Sams 2:09.6-Jeremy Ahn 2:17.4=8:40.49, 6400 Relay Richard Gong 4:44.3-Ray Diaz 4:43.0-Andrew Tseng 4:51.0-Casey Chambers 5:10.6=19:29.10, LJ Chris Fleming 17-4.5, PV Krish Visht 12-6, SP Andrew Kimball 33-5, Matthew Guerrero 30-1.5, DT Andrew Kimball 113-0, Matthew Guererro 86-9