Bob Warren Relays
Acalanes High School
Lafayette CA
Friday, April 28, 2017


Francisco Rockets to 61 Second Split; Tucker Continues Surge at Bob Warren

Mari Francisco (19) threw down the fastest split on the girls' varsity 1600 relay squad for the 2nd time in 3 days at Friday's Bob Warren Relays hosted by Acalanes High School. The sophomore sensation inspired a season best performance for the sprint quartet, with included a personal best lead-off leg from Melissa Wilson (17) in 62.8.

Also continuing her recent rise, Anmerlyn Tucker (17) added nearly a foot to her previous shot put best. Her 29-7 mark is not tops on the team.


6400 Relay Paloma Hancock 5:37.5-Ellie Guthrie 5:59.8-Kira D'Iorio 5:56.6-Mia Travis 5:51.1=23:24.10, 100 Hurdles Natalie Arnswald 18.54, Remy Moran 19.40, 3200 Relay Bianca Chao 2:32.0-Alicia Hober 2:36.9, Paloma Hancock 2:36.9-Kira D'Iorio 2:43.4=10:29.91, Ellie Guthrie 2:40.1-Mia Travis 2:48.4-Catherine Zhang 2:48.9-Sarah Naughten 3:00.0=11:17.54, 400 Relay Natalie Arnswald-Adithi Subrumaniam-Remy Moran-Aerielle Szeto=56.56, 100 Arine Kim 14.36, Aerielle Szeto 15.01, 800 Relay Adithi Subrumaniam 30.3-Remy Moran 28.5-Aerielle Szeto 32.9-Arine Kim 31.5=2:03.01, 1500 Catherine Zhang 5:35.02, Sarah Naughten 5:56.60, 1600 Relay Bianca Chao 66.3-Natalie Arnswald 67.0-Alicia Hober 69.7-Adithi Subrumaniam 66.3=4:30.02, LJ Aerielle Szeto 10-9, TJ Anna VanHeuit NM, Lily Storrs NS, HJ Anna VanHeuit 4-0, Lily Matranga 3-6, PV Arine Kim 7-6, SP Lily Matranga 24-4, Lily Storrs NS, DT Arine Kim 75-8, Lily Storrs 68-8


6400 Relay Sam Morasch 4:57.7-Dylan Cronin 5:00.2-Max Essl 5:14.3-Alex Ganten 5:14.9=20:27.22, 110 Hurdles Declan Bhagwat 22.89, 3200 Relay Pablo Nguyen 2:13.6-Cayden Hein 2:16.0-Charlie Woidat 2:18.2-Owen Hunger 2:16.7=9:03.52, Sam Morasch 2:18.5-Dylan Cronin 2:21.0-Alex Ganten 2:28.7-Max Essl 2:22.7=9:31.01, 100 Anish Visht 12.75, 3000 Agustin Meneses 11:08.18, Andres Artales 12:29.48, 1600 Relay Anish Visht 58.8-Cayden Hein 58.9-Declan Bagwat 61.4-Pablo Nguyen 54.7=3:53.70, LJ Brandon Manty 18-0, TJ Declan Bhagwat 27-4, HJ Brandon Manty 5-4, PV Anish Visht 11-0, SP Lucas Moore 37-6, Mason Januszewski 29-8, DT Lucas Moore 120-1, Mason Januszewski 75-2


100 Hurdles Marla Wong 18.92, Fiona Quimby 19.35, 400 Relay Mari Francisco-Lauren Williams-Ana Bernardo-Juliet Arnswald=DQ, 3200 Relay Hannah Ruane 2:23.0-Jenna Miles 2:32.1-Jessie Foxworthy 2:34.0-Elizabeth Garcia 2:41.2=10:10.60, 100 Grace McGuire 13.88, Fiona Quimby 14.08, 800 Relay Ana Bernardo 29.0-Grace McGuire 28.1-Kaylee Johns 29.6-Fiona Quimby 28.6=1:55.45, 1500 Elizabeth Garcia 5:37.40, Kiana Lew 5:38.93, 1600 Relay Melissa Wilson 62.8-Juliet Arnswald 61.4-Mari Francisco 61.0-Lauren Williams 62.2=4:07.32, LJ Melissa Wilson 13-6.5, Grace McGuire 12-11.5, TJ Grace McGuire 28-1.75, PV Clare Ahearn 9-0, Mari Francisco 8-6, SP Anmerlyn Tucker 29-7, Brigitte Jia 22-8.5, DT Anmerlyn Tucker 90-3, Brigitte Jia 73-7


6400 Relay Ray Diaz 4:38.7-Jeremy Ahn 4:50.9-Kyle Flett 4:59.1-Navid Boozarpoor 4:59.6=19:28.07, 110 Hurdles Jason Lin 18.19, 800 Relay Richard Gong 2:05.3-Jared Yabu 2:02.5-Edward Buckley 2:07.0-Niki Moore 1:57.5=8:12.56, Ray Diaz 2:15.4-Jeremy Ahn 2:18.8-Kyle Flett 2:17.1-Andrew Tseng 2:13.2=9:05.26, 100 Chris Fleming 12.00, Krish Visht NS, 1600 Relay Jason Lin 55.8-Niki Moore 50.4-Richard Gong 54.3-Chris Fleming 54.8=3:35.43, LJ Chris Fleming 18-6, PV Krish Visht NS, SP Andrew Kimball 36-1, Matthew Guerrero 34-5, DT Andrew Kimball 125-3, Matthew Guerrero 89-1