DAL Championship FINALS
Campolindo High School
Moraga CA
Saturday, May 12


Frosh Soph Girls Wreck League; Doane Rides Windy Conditions to School Record

The frosh soph girls opened the day with a surprise victory in the 400 relay at Saturday's Diablo Athletic League Championship Finals hosted at Campolindo High School. 5 hours later they had amassed 177 points, outdistancing their nearest rival by 72 to earn a 9th consecutive league crown.

30 of those points were scooped up single-handedly by distance ace Ellie Guthrie (20). The sophomore beat the rest of the 1600m field convincingly before upsetting the pre-race favorites in the 800m for win number 2. In her final event, Guthrie drafted behind the Matador's Colette Kimura for most of the race, then charged away on the final lap to take the tape.

The youngsters' sprint squad also rose to the occasion with a 400m win from Alree Farrell (21) and runner-up finishes from Terryal Bell (21) in the 100m and 200m. Bell also contributed big points in the field, soaring over 15 feet to top the charts in long jump.

Arine Kim (20) executed her own aerial acrobatics to rise above her opponents in the pole vault. The versatile sophomore also picked up vital places in both throwing events after anchoring the winning 400 relay.

The total team effort also included scoring from Anastazia Lopez (21) in both hurdle races.

In the frosh soph boys' competition, Alex Metz (20) and Pablo Nguyen (20) picked up their own championship hardware. Metz streaked to wins in the 100m and 200m sprints while Nguyen defended his 2017 800m title.

Finlay Penney (21) continued his improvement in the long sprint, dropping his 400m time under 53 seconds to finish 2nd.

Varsity competitors earning advancement to the NCS Tri-Valley Championships included Andrew Kimball (18), who landed top-6 finishes in both throwing events, including a shot put personal best over 42 feet.

In the distance races, Ethan Sauerberg (18) shaved 3 more seconds from his 1600m time while Dylan Gunn (21) and Edward Buckley (19) claimed 4th and 5th place in the 3200m. Gunn's time of 9:53.20 was a 6-second improvement.

The varsity girls' competition was highlighted by a breakthrough race from Fiona Quimby (18) in the 100 hurdles. The senior cracked the 18-second barrier for the 1st time. Later in the day, Quimby (18) improved her 300 hurdle time. In all, the 3-year veteran qualified for NCS in 4 events!

The other 4-event qualifier was no surprise. Maddy Doane (19), who, like Quimby, provided legs on both advancing relay squads, also earned NCS berths in the 200m and 400m events. The half-lap sprint was particularly exciting as Doane surged through the homestretch to overtake top seeded Sophia Pardo of Las Lomas to take the victory and set a new school record.

Also topping the podium was Ashley Thoms (18), who added a quarter of an inch to her triple jump PR for the win.


400 Relay Arlee Farrell-Brooke Stafford-Terryal Bell-Arine Kim=53.64, 1600 Ellie Guthrie 5:35.01, Sophie Webster 5:42.60, Mia Tavis 5:47.63, Emma Smith 5:52.77, Bianca Pierrat 5:52.87, Jessica Rosiak 6:03.51, Sarah Naughten 6:15.87, 100 Hurdles Anastazia Lopez 19.03, 400 Arlee Farrell 63.80, Brooke Stafford 66.04, Helen Kaidantzis 66.13, Kate Brown 68.12, 100 Terryal Bell 13.26w, 800 Ellie Guthrie 2:33.90, Emma Smith 2:47.80, Katie Strohmeyer 3:04.35, 300 Hurdles Anastazia 54.73, Tracy Si 57.92, 200 Terryal Bell 27.42w, Brooke Stafford 27.61w, Arlee Farrell 28.33w, Helen Kaidantzis 28.88w, 3200 Ellie Guthrie 12:21.45, Sophie Webster 12:39.46, Mia Travis 12:40.79, Bianca Pierrat 12:56.42, Jessica Rosiak 13:18.66, Sarah Naughten 13:35.95, Emma Smith 13:54.22, Gracie Woidat 14:09.37, Katie Strohmeyer 14:31.63, Catherine Zhang 14:46.86, 1600 Relay Arlee Farrell 66.9-Helen Kaidantzis 68.5-Ally Lee 69.9-Kate Brown 69.4=4:34.65, LJ Terryal Bell 15-3.75, SP Lily Matranga 26-0.25, Arine Kim 24-5.25, DT Arine Kim 77-7, Lily Matranga 77-4

Campolindo 177, Miramonte 105, College Park 57, Northgate 57, Las Lomas 37, Clayton Valley 31, Acalanes 16, Ygnacio Valley 16, Mt. Diablo 2


400 Relay Finlay Penney-Alex Metz-Joel Kofman-Bryan Graves=DQ, 1600 Cayden Hein 4:40.58, Pablo Nguyen 4:43.39, Dylan Cronin 4:43.75, Owen Hunger 4:53.62, Easton Means 4:53.75, 400 Finlay Penney 52.92, 100 Alex Metz 11.16w, Bryan Graves 11.83w, 800 Pablo Nguyen 2:05.59, Cayden Hein 2:07.40, Alan Pierrat 2:09.27, Easton Means 2:14.74, 200 Alex Metz 22.60w, 3200 Owen Hunger 10:29.17, Dylan Cronin 10:29.61, Cayden Hein 10:46.21, Evan Yabu 11:03.92, Vishal Lashkari 11:06.36, Easton Means 11:18.77, Owen Lekki 11:19.24, Arik Nashan 11:19.57, TJ Chongwoo Chang 34-11.5, Declan Bhagwat 33-7.5, SP Matai Bell 36-8.5, DT Matai Bell 103-2

College Park 126, Campolindo 86, Northgate 83, Miramonte 42, Las Lomas 41, Ygnacio Valley 36, Clayton Valley 34, Concord 24, Alhambra 20, Acalanes 3


400 Relay Fiona Quimby-Maddy Doane-Ashley Thoms-Natalie Arnswald=50.95, 1600 Isabella Chao 5:08.26, Jenna Miles 5:08.48, Alicia Hober 5:10.59, Emma Overell 5:19.53, Paloma Hancock 5:23.85, Jessie Foxworthy 5:34.66, 100 Hurdles Fiona Quimby 17.19, Natalie Arnswald 17.79, 400 Maddy Doane 60.54, Aerielle Szeto 70.48, 800 Alicia Hober 2:22.68, Adithi Subramaniam 2:35.08, 200 Maddie Doane 25.19w, 3200 Isabella Chao 11:26.70, Jenna Miles 11:26.71, Emma Overell 11.36.77, Jessie Foxworthy 11:48.49, Paloma Hancock 11:51.57, Alicia Hober 12:19.10, 1600 Relay Fiona Quimby 62.6-Adithi Subramaniam 65.4-Maddy Doane 61.5-Natalie Arnswald 64.1=4:13.47, LJ Ashley Thoms 14-7.5, TJ Ashley Thoms 34-10.75

Miramonte 122, Acalanes 88, Northgate 52, Campolindo 52, Las Lomas 41, Clayton Valley 40, Alhambra 26, Concord 22, College Park 22


1600 Edward Buckley 4:30.28, Ethan Sauerberg 4:34.20, Andrew Tseng 4:40.64, Cameron Iniguez-Reyes 4:41.04, Max Essl 4:42.87, 100 Shun Ishida 11.18w, 200 Shun Ishida 22.80w, 3200 Dylan Gunn 9:53.20, Edward Buckley 9:53.35, Andrew Tseng 10:06.19, Charlie Woidat 10:17.92, Ethan Sauerberg 10:23.39, Cameron Iniguez-Reyes 10:26.91, Max Essl 10:31.46, Alex Ganten 11:24.54, SP Andrew Kimball 42-0.75, Lucas Moore ND, DT Andrew Kimball 142-2, Lucas More 108-4

Northgate 109, Clayton Valley 104, Las Lomas 75, College Park 47, Acalanes 46, Miramonte 37, Campolindo 27, Berean Christian 25, Alhambra 23.5, Concord 2.5

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