Dublin Distance Fiesta
Dublin High School
Dublin CA
Saturday, March 16, 2019


Tabibian, Januszewski Top Tee-Shirt Winners at Annual Dublin Distance Fiesta

With blue skies and virtually no wind, conditions at Dublin High School were in rare form for the nation's largest distance carnival. Taking advantage of the seeded format, Sara Tabibian (22) topped Campolindo's 800m entries, winning her heat in 2:31.97 to earn a coveted Distance Fiesta tee-shirt.

Mason Januszewski (20) turned in the biggest improvement on the boys' side with 2:28.94 showing in his heat of the 800m. The 3rd place finish eclipsed his previous best by 20 seconds!

In the 3200m event, Julia Rane (22) and Haelee Chung (22) each picked up 2nd-place finished in their respective heats. Rane's time of 13:20.90 was a 40-second improvement from the mark she had set just 3-weeks earlier at the practice meet.

Emma Smith (20) knocked 22 seconds off her 3200m PR while Angeni Lieben (22) continued her own ascent up the 3200m depth chart with 17-second improvement.

The largest leap of the day came from Alec Driver (21), who crushed his previous 3200m best by 55 seconds to break the 12-minute barrier for the 1st time.


800 Sara Tabibian 2:31.97, Bianca Chao 2:38.17, Olivia de Paschalis 2:39.93, Noelani Hsia 2:41.47, Maddy Doane 2:42.37, Tyler Kaplan 2:44.68, Natalie Arnswald 2:45.88, Adeline Steinzig 3:11.07, Jeanette Lavoie 3:23.91, 3200 Paloma Hancock 11:37.94, Alicia Hober 12:02.14, Emma Smith 12:23.36, Haelee Chung 12:48.87, Adithi Subramaniam 12:59.63, Ellie Guthrie 13:01.72, Alissa Flett 13:01.92, Sarah Naughten 13:10.34, Gracie Woidat 13:15.66, Angeni Lieben 13:16.45, Jessica Rosiak 13:20.12, Julia Rane 13:20.90, Bianca Pierrat 13:21.81, Sophia Harju 13:52.20, Noelani Baliwag 13:59.60, Mathilde Gourlin 14:46.44, Ally Loyet 15:03.10, Distance Medley Relay Alicia Hober 4:06.2-Maddy Doane 59.9-Sara Tabibian 2:39.0-Paloma Hancock 5:17.2=13:02.63, Haelee Chung 4:22.8-Olivia de Paschalis 68.0-Adithi Subramaniam 2:49.2-Emma Smith 5:53.7=14:14.00


800 Mason Fara 2:15.25, Seth Bonnin 2:16.13, Juan-Pablo Garcia 2:18.19, Mason Januszewski 2:28.94, Finlay Penney 2:28.97, Declan Bhagwat 2:29.27, Taj Donthineni 2:29.78, Shan Brinton 2:32.93, Eric Fossen 2:34.59, Hardesty Dolge 2:36.01, James Tang 3:02.77, Kyle Moe 3:08.32, 3200 Edward Buckley 9:42.30, Cayden Hein 9:46.22, Dylan Cronin 9:57.28, Owen Hunger 10:15.91, Pablo Nguyen 10:25.15, Owen Lekki 10:34.11, Sam Morasch 10:34.54, Cameron Iniguez-Reyes 10:38.93, Marco Chao 10:48.10, Sam Smith 10:48.63, Max Essl 10:51.01, Bradford Martin 10:52.98, Easton Means 10:54.69, Rhys Pullen 10:55.10, Charlie Woidat 10:55.13, Vishal Lashkari 10:58.10, Evan Yabu 11:00.92, Alec Driver 11:45.22, Keanu Wang 12:17.60, Andres Artale 12:59.04, Distance Medley Relay Cayden Hein 3:24.5-Finlay Penney 58.0-Pablo Nguyen 2:06.3, Edward Buckley 4:35.9=11:04.86, Owen Lekki 3:39.6-Mason Fara 58.4-Sam Morasch 2:17.5-Dylan Cronin 4:51.3=11:47.82, Marco Chao 3:49.2-JuanPablo Garcia 59.1-Easton Means 2:19.4-Sam Smith 5:13.4=12:21.65