Sprint/Field Meet vs. Clayton Valley, Las Lomas
Campolindo High School
Moraga CA
Saturday, April 10, 2021


Wilson Posts 7th Best 200m Mark; Fara Earns Triple Crown vs. Eagles, Knights

Clayton Valley and Las Lomas visited the Cougars on April 10 for a 9-event affair that featured favorable tail winds for the horizontal jumps and straight-a-way sprints. Taking advantage of the conditions, Kyrstin Wilson (22) set new personal bests in both the 200m and triple jump. Her half-lap winning time is 7th on the all-time Campolindo list.

The boys' competition featured a hat-trick from Mason Fara (22), who won both the 400m and 200m sprint races as well as the long jump. Teammate Garret Nelson (23) finished on Fara's heels in both sprint races and also improved his mark in the long jump by 1.5 feet.

The biggest improvement of the day came from Jet Howell Young (22), who added over 4 feet to his shot put personal record. David Ona (22) also improved in the event, tossing the iron nearly 30 feet.

Most improved on the girls' squad was Mari Testa (23) in the 100 hurdles. Her winning time of 17.07 is also 11th on the school record list. Alexandra Montee (22) made the most progress among the throwers, adding nearly 9 feet to her discus mark.



100 Hurdles Mari Testa 17.07, Charlotte Arnswald 19.69, Namratha Kasalanati 21.08, Camille Yabu 21.17, 400 Meagan Kennedy 65.49, Hanna Birdsong 70.44, Parker Blau 74.29, Tyler Kaplan 75.87, Natalia Kalas76.62, Jeanette Lavoie 85.67, 300 Hurdles Mari Testa 50.16, Charlotte Arnswald 54.55, Camille Yabu 59.18, Namratha Kasalanati 60.81, 200 Kyrstin Wilson 26.34w, Meagan Kennedy 28.23w, Hanna Birdsong 28.85w, Sidney Ross 29.37w, Tyler Kaplan 31.48w, Parker Blau 32.13w, Natalia Kalas 32.94w, LJ Hanna Birdsong 14-2.5, Meagan Kennedy 14-0.5, Sidney Ross 10-9.5, TJ Kyrstin Wilson 33-2, Namratha Kasalanati 31-10, PV Jeanette Lavoie 8-0, Natalia Kalas 5-6, SP Anna Stubbington 25-6.5, Alexandra Montee 19-8, Marina Rago 19-8, Lauren Shieh 15-1, DT Anna Stubbington 79-2, Marina Rago 62-3, Alexandra Montee 58-5, Lauren Shieh 32-2


110 Hurdles Juan-Pablo Garcia 20.05, 400 Mason Fara 53.08, Garret Nelson 53.93, Nick Bonnin 64.71, 300 Hurdles Juan-Pablo Garcia 45.81, Michael Wen 49.71, Josh Fordelon 51.24, Alex Shrauger 53.38, 200 Mason Fara 23.34, Garret Nelson 23.36, Michael Wen 25.04, Josh Fordelon 25.40, Alex Shrauger 25.68, Leighton Jay 27.39, LJ Mason Fara 18-4, Garret Nelson 16-7.5, Leighton Jay 15-1, Nick Bonnin 14-2, TJ Leighton Jay 33-10, Nick Bonnin 32-2, SP Jett Howell Young 31-4, David Ona 29-9, Kyle Moe 21-0, DT David Ona 89-7, Jet Howell Young 72-5, Kyle Moe 61-2