1600m, 3200m Distance Festival
Campolindo High School
Moraga CA
Wednesday, March 24, 2021



Damiano, Trento Lead PR Train at First Distance Festival of Spring Track Season

In the first event of the modified 2021 spring track & field season, the Cougar distance runners laced up for 1600m and 3200m races against competitors from Acalanes, Alhambra, College Park, and Miramonte in Bob Wilson Stadium.

In the girls' 1600m action, Nina Damiano (24) posted a 20-second improvement over her previous best mark, which she set 4 weeks ago at the inter-squad time trial. Caroline McCool (23) provided the fastest 1600m performance for the girls' squad, finishing in 5:50.19.

The boys' 1600m competition featured 13 personal records, including a 16-second gain for Paulo Trento (24). Connor McGhee (23), Cale Anderson (24), and Connor Naughten (24) also turned in major improvements.

The fastest 1600m time by a Campolindo athlete was also a new PR. Blake Webster (23) clocked 4:52.89 to lower his mark by 11 seconds. The other Cougar under the 5-minute barrier on the evening was Alec Driver (21), who finished in 4:57.92.

In the 3200m competition, Ellie Buckley (23) debuted at the distance with an 11:11.28, good enough for 16th on the Campolindo all-time list. Freshmen Makena Weberski (24) and Daisy Penney (24) enjoyed productive efforts, improving by 21 and 33 seconds, respectively.


1600 Caroline McCool 5:50.19, Angeni Lieben 5:57.61, Emily Hatch 6:01.85, Jessica Rosiak 6:21.11, Kate Kabenina 6:26.39, Nina Damiano 6:33.27, Sophia Harju 6:34.22, Mia Lawrence 6:40.86, Katie Strohmeyer 7:07.35, Erin Koziel 7:50.93, 3200 Ellie Buckley 11:11.28, Makena Weberski 11:35.75, Daisy Penney 12:28.33, Gracie Woidat 13:07.92, Bryn Hober 13:29.18


1600 Blake Webster 4:52.89, Alec Driver 4:57.92, Jack Pieper 5:01.71, Thomas Singh 5:02.30, Hardy Dolge 5:03.53, Connor McGhee 5:06.92, Baron Walsh 5:08.53, Connor Naughten 5:21.04, Paulo Trento 5:23.81, Cale Anderson 5:27.79, Ethan Cho 5:28.37, Henry Jaffe 5:28.61, Alex Thomasson 5:29.03, Max Marino 5:42.71, Emilio Penate 5:43.13, Tyler Ngo 5:46.05, Tai Lee 5:50.85, Toby Barton 5:57.42, Chase Kivelson 6:00.10, Ryan Lee 6:12.95, Casey Dow 6:32.35, 3200 Dylan Gunn 9:46.04, Owen Lekki 10:14.84, Rhys Pullen 10:21.36