Sprint/Field Meet vs. Acalanes, Miramonte
Campolindo High School
Moraga CA
Saturday, March 27, 2021


Girls Post All-Time 100m Marks at Sprint- Field Meet on Eve of Spring-Break Week

After an impressive 4-second win over the field in the 200m hurdle competition, Mari Testa (23) earned a 2nd individual victory by a much narrower margin in the 100 meter event. While Testa battled top-seeded Ava Moran of Miramonte in the middle of the track, Kyrstin Wilson (22) closed well on the outside to nearly catch her teammate.

The duo finished 1st and 2nd with times of 12.62 and 12.66, respectively. The marks move both athletes into the top ten all-time in Campolindo history.

Other notable performances at the sprint and field only event against Acalanes and Miramonte included sub 12-second finishes from Mason Fara (22), Garret Nelson (23), and Josh Myers (23) in the boys' 100m race.

In the field, Jeanette Lavoie (22) equaled her PR to win the pole vault competition while Anna Stubbington (23) added 6 feet to her discus best.



400 Tyler Kaplan 73.37, 100 Mari Testa 12.62, Kyrstin Wilson 12.66, Meagan Kennedy 13.79, Namratha Kasalanati 14:42, Camille Yabu 14.60, Sidney Ross 14.62, Annelies McKenzie 14.62, Ruby Vanhouten 14.75, Parker Blau 15.19, Natalia Kalas 15.91, Laurel Tringe 16.26, 1600 Relay Kyrstin Wilson 64.6-Annelies McKenzie 67.2-Meagan Kennedy 65.0-Namratha Kasalanati 73.2=4:30.02, Parker Blau-Natalia Kalas-Jeanette Lavoie-Laurel Tringe=5:19.45, LJ Meagan Kennedy 13-6, Sidney Ross 10-2, TJ Annelies McKenzie 29-7.5, PV Jeanette Lavoie 8-0, Natalia Kalas 6-0, Laurel Tringe 6-0, SP Anna Stubbington 21-6, Alexandra Montee 18-6, Lauren Shieh 14-8, DT Anna Stubbington 86-6, Alexandra Montee 49-6, Lauren Shieh 41-2


800 Relay Garret Nelson-Mason Fara-Josh Myers-Leighton Jay=1:38.25, 100 Mason Fara 11.47, Garret Nelson 11.52, Josh Myers 11.88, Alex Shrauger 12.53, Nick Bonnin 13.53, Lieghton Jay 13.59, Tyler Bullock 14.38, 1600 Relay Garret Nelson 61.2-Alex Shrauger 63.8-Tyler Bullock 73.5-Nick Bonnin 68.5=4:27.42, LJ Mason Fara 18-5.5, Josh Myers 16-2, Garret Nelson 15-2, Nick Bonnin 13-5.5, Tyler Bullock 11-6, TJ Leighton Jay 33-8, SP Jet Howell-Young 27-1, David Ona 26-6, Kyle Moe 20-11, DT David Ona 87-4, Jet Howell-Young 66-6, Kyle Moe 61-5