800M Distance Festival
Campolindo High School
Moraga CA
Saturday, April 3, 2021


Thomasson Drops 12 Seconds over 2 Laps to Top Most Improved Marks at 800m Fest

Finishing in 2:28.82, freshman Alex Thomasson (24) improved his 800m best by a full 8% at Saturday's "long-sprint" festival at Bob Wilson Stadium. It was just one of 15 new personal records for the Cougars on the day.

With blustery wind whipping athletes head-on down the backstretch for most of the morning, conditions were less than optimal. Nevertheless, many took advantage of the rare opportunity to focus on the 2-lap event. Also dropping several seconds from their previous top marks were Connor McGhee (23), Connor Naughten (24), and Blake Webster (23).

Erin Koziel (22) showed the most progress in the girls' competition, improving by nearly 6 seconds to finish in 3:18.31.

Respective boys' and girls' heats of 4 x 800m relays followed the 13 open 800m mixed-gender heats. Owen Lekki (21) turned in the fastest leg for the runner-up boys' squad, doubling back after winning the fastest open heat with a sub-2 minute finish.

The girls' relay featured an impressive lead-off leg from Shea Volkmer (24), who recently returned to the distance team after participating in an abbreviated swim season. Ellie Buckley (23) provided the top Cougar girls' times of the day, posting a 2:25.65 mark in her open race before splitting 2:26.4 on the relay.



800 Ellie Buckley 2:25.65, Shea Volkmer 2:33.37, Daisy Penney 2:33.55, Makena Weberski 2:36.82, Quinn Guthrie 2:39.64, Caroline McCool 2:44.21, Sophia Harju 2:50.47, Kate Kabenina 2:53.87, Mia Lawrence 2:54.13, Jessica Rosiak 2:57.21, Tyler Kaplan 2:58.19, Mari Testa 3:07.03, Camille Yabu 3:08.22, Ruby Vanhouten 3:15.50, Katie Strohmeyer 3:17.53, Erin Koziel 3:18.31, Jeanette Lavoie NS, Annelise McKenzie NS, 3200 Relay Shea Volkmer 2:31.6-Ellie Buckley 2:26.4-Daisy Penny 2:39.8-Makena Weberski 2:36.8=10:14.93


800 Owen Lekki 1:59.35, Dylan Gunn 2:01.82, Rhys Pullen 2:12.58, Blake Webster 2:14.80, Thomas Singh 2:15.30, Alec Driver 2:16.97, Hardy Dolge 2:17.81, Connor McGhee 2:19.95, Connor Naughten 2:21.29, Ethan Cho 2:22.45, Henry Jaffe 2:24.44, Cale Anderson 2:28.80, Alex Thomasson 2:28.82, Emilio Penate 2:35.53, Tai Lee 2:37.22, Ryan Lee 2:48.53, Toby Barton 2:49.38, Casey Dow 2:55.03, Alex Shrauger NS, Tyler Ngo NS, Max Marino NS, 3200 Relay Dylan Gunn 2:05.6-Owen Lekki 2:05.0-Rhys Pullen 2:19.4-Blake Webster 2:16.9=8:46.89