Bay Area Relays
Foothill High School
Pleasanton CA
Saturday, March 23, 2024


Schnayer Lands Shot Put Title in Cold, Rainy Conditions with 2nd Toss over 45

The #2 shot put mark in the state was increased by a half inch as Pinkie Schnayer (24) shrugged off a slick ring and cold temperatures to heave the iron to 45-7.5 at the Bay Area Relays hosted by Foothill High School on Saturday, March 23.


400 Relay Renee Joseph-Sarah Graves-Lucy Ross-Sierra Worster=55.59, Distance Medley Relay Nora Lawrence 4:13.3-Rouyan Lechner 74.5-Enya Zheng 2:55.9-Emily Koehler 5:53.6=14:17.87, Shuttle Hurdle Relay Grace Getze-Renee Joseph-Rouyan Lechner Akhila Bhagavan=1:28.66, 100 Akhila Bagavan 14.95, Rouyan Lechner 15.23, 3200 Relay Emily Koehler 2:44.3-Nora Lawrence 2:46.1-Angele Tseng 2:44.0-Enya Zheng 2:59.5=11:14.30, 800 Relay Renee Joseph-Sierra Worster-Grace Getze-Akhila Bhagavan=1:59.32, Mile Anjali Rao 6:49.78, Madeline Sheng-Williams 6:55.18, Mai Lam Nguyen 7:16.21, LJ Renee Joseph 12-8.75, SP Sofia Iakovleva 20-10, Yi Yi Nguyen 14-10, DT Yi Yi Nguyen 54-8, Sofia Iakovleva 49-9


Distance Medley Relay Amalia Contreras 4:00.9-Jasmine McCasland 63.3-Anya Houston 2:37.0-Kiona McCasland 5:27.8=13:06.65, Shuttle Hurdle Relay Natalie Falsafi-Giorgia Stankus-Laurel Tringe-Delaney Joyce=1:22.50, 100 Eloise Doane 13.63, Sofia Ahrens 14.63, Delaney Joyce 15.10, 3200 Relay Kiona McCasland 2:29.1-Anya Houston 2:36.9-Amalia Contreras 2:32.0-Meeran Gill 2:56.0=10:33.80, 800 Relay Jasmine McCasland-Eloise Doane-Giorgia Stankus-Natalie Falsafi=1:58.62, Mile Meeran Gill 6:23.83, Helen Shephard 6:39.98, TJ Sofia Ahrens 28-7.5, Giorgia Stankus 26-9.5, HJ Laurel Tringe 4-6, PV Sierra Worster 9-0, Delaney Joyce 7-0, SP Pinkie Schnayer 45-7.5, Aislinn Comerford 31-5, Grace Allen 30-7.5, Metzli Reyes 26-5, DT Pinkie Schnayer 126-6, Grace Allen 93-7, Aislinn Comerford 86-0, Metzlie Reyes 74-3


400 Relay Danny Dang-Micah Parker-Hendrik Linnen-Sean Parker=48.58, Distance Medley Relay Drew Shogan 3:35.3-Shubh Sharma 62.0-Jack Durden 2:21.0-Taejin Chung 4:45.0=11:43.60, Taiyo Chiba 3:46.5-Nitin Ravikumar 61.2-Nikola Van Delft 2:21.2-Toma Galatanu 5:13.1=??, Shuttle Hurdle Relay Sean Hu-Shubh Sharma-Nitin Ravikumar-Samuel Hearn=1:25.68, 100 DJ Bonnin 13.67, Samuel Hearn 13.70, 3200 Relay Drew Shogan 2:13.8-Taejin Chung 2:10.3-Anton Klisura 2:16.2-Taiyo Chiba 2:16.1=8:56.44, Jack Durden 2:20.3-Urijah Smith 2:35.2-Hanson Ma 2:35.5-Peter Shephard 2:36.9=10:08.21, Mile Tianchen Cui 5:53.58, Guy Sandler 6:26.33, LJ Sean Parker 18-1, Micah Parker 18-0.5, DJ Bonnin 13-7.5, TJ Sean Hu 30-2.5, Projoto Bhattacharya NM, Sean Parker DNS, HJ Sean Hu 4-6, DJ Bonnin 4-2, Shubh Sharma 4-2, SP Matthew Wen 36-8, Lucas Katz 34-3, DT Lucas Katz 91-2, Matthew Wen 79-7


Distance Medley Relay Cale Anderson 3:27.5-Liam Hearn 56.8-Russell Wang 2:13.0-Nolan Henwood 5:06.1=12:21.96, Shuttle Hurdle Relay Rithik Narayan-Liam Hearn-Curtis SmithWilde-Malik Li=1:18.84, 100 Thomas Berg 11.18, Marcus Han 13.25, 3200 Relay Ben Young 2:07.3-Russell Wang 2:14.5-Cale Anderson 2:13.8-Nolan Henwood 2:16.0, 800 Relay Thomas Berg-Liam Hearn-Curtis SmithWilde-Malik Li=1:42.71, LJ Thomas Berg 18-3.5, PV Malik Li 12-0, Curtis Wilde-Smith 8-6, Marcus Han 7-6, SP Bryce McLaverty 41-4, Ben Axelorod 37-6.5, Frank Anderson 37-1, Daniel Beckwith DNS, DT Ben Axelrod 126-3, Bryce McLaverty 124-4, Julian Blumberg 121-9, Daniel Beckwith 99-1