PrepCalTrack.comRich Gonzales provides comprehensive coverage of high school cross country and track in California. Daily articles, results, photos, and a discussion forum.

FlotrackThe hip, techno savy web mecca for American distance running. Mark and the rest of the staff follow American athletes around the world, post interviews, film races, and provide a complete on-line resource for high school, college and professional runners. –Yep, pretty much a copy of "" for runners. Lots of videos. Members can build a profile and network with other runners from around the world.

DyeStat.comNational Track and Cross Country News, Results, and Rankings.



RunningWarehouse.comIf you shop for running equipment, including shoes, apparel, recovery products like foam rollers, energy bars and drinks, or anything else in the spectrum of our sport, do it here! sponsors our team, as well as the Ed Sias Invitational and the Moraga July 4th Fun Run. They offer FREE overnight shipping, free returns, and fantastic customer support. Please help us maintain our great relationship with RunningWarehouse by using their site for all your running needs!

XCstats.comThis is the database of Campolindo cross country performances for all athletes. Athletes log into their goal page and set up target times for each meet of the season. Then, tracks performance, creates statistical analysis, and REWARDS athletes that make improvements!

McMillan Running CalculatorFind performance projections based on current race times, as well as training paces. Complete resource for developing a training plan.

GMaps Pedometer –Satellite maps and pedometer. Measure distance for all of your training runs!



Diablo Athletic LeagueLeague information, including sport guidelines, league constitution & bylaws, and school directory.

North Coast SectionComplete section resource. Rules, regulations, divisional listings, school directory, souvenir order forms and more!.

California Interscholastic FederationState governing body. State championship bulletins, results, ets.

USA Track & FieldThe nation's governing body for Cross Country, Road Racing, and Track & Field.

IAAFInternational Association of Athletics Federations: International Track & Field News and Results.